Kia And DC Comics’s Five Justice League Cars, Together At Last

Five super-rides, all showcased on RIDES.

You’ve already seen the Batman Optima and Cyborg Forte 5-door that we at RIDES built for Kia and DC Comics as part of their Justice League lineup of cars to help fight hunger in the Horn of Africa as part of their “We Can Be Heroes” initiative. Now, take a look at the rest of the lineup: the Flash Forte Koup, the Green Lantern Soul, and the Aquaman Rio 5-door.

Each of the other three cars was modified to follow along with the color scheme and heroic theme of the hero it pays tribute to. The Flash Forte Koup, made by West Coast Customs, symbolizes speed, energy and drive; the Green Lantern Soul, created by Super Street magazine, is designed to represent readiness and willpower; and the Aquaman Rio 5-door, also built by West Coast Customs, stands for the outdoors and environmental protection.

The five Justice League Kias will now travel the country for the next few months, showing up at auto shows and Comic-Cons. (There’ll also be three more cars to come—one for Superman, one for Wonder Woman, and one representing the entire Justice League.) So keep an eye out for them—they might be saving the world somewhere near you. [Shout-out to Kia!]

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