Ferrari F12berlinetta Lowered On 21s and 22s!

This Ferrari is lowered, tuned up, and ready to roll.

Ferrari’s latest whip, the F12berlinetta, hasn’t even hit American shores yet, but it’s already on sale in Europe—and the Continent’s custom shops have already begun tweaking and tuning the new flagship Ferrari. For instance, Wheelsandmore of Germany has just dropped images of their first attempt at customizing the F12berlinetta, and it looks damn fine.

The F12 doesn’t need much in the way of body mods, so Wheelsandmore kept things simple—they added a pair of 21″ rims up front, a pair of 22s in back, and lowered the suspension 30mm (1.18 inches, for those of us in the United States). An off-center stripe down the body is one of Wheelsandmore’s trademarks, so they slapped a black one along the driver’s side of the car’s hood, roof and rear.

While they were making changes, they also fiddled around a little in the engine compartment, bumping the V12’s power from 730 to 774 horsepower. (Torque remains unchanged, at 509 lb-ft.) We don’t know how we’d feel about having our brand-new Ferrari tuned by a company that can’t even afford spaces for their name, but we suppose there are a few people out there who somehow are unsatisfied by the stock performance of Ferrari’s latest masterpiece. Hey, as the Gold “King Camaro” ZL1 story taught us, everyone’s got his or her own taste—which is what makes the car game so interesting. [Shout-out to Teamspeed!]

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