813 Customs Launching Plug-N-Play Fiberglass Interiors

You gotta get yours! Peep the starting lineup.

Many of us know 813 Customs will build or modify basically anything brought to its shop. After careful planning, the crew at 813 is going to bring their ideas to the table and offer their own unique interior builds. To kick off the birth of a new custom interior company, 813 Customs just announced its first three official dashboard layouts, but have not yet released official images (or details). So far all we know is that there will be three dash layouts that will be released within the next 24 hours. We’re sure they will have insane style and are bound to set new trends.

Not even including the price for paint, equipment or shipping, each new dash will start at $3,800. So, you gotta have pockets full of Parmesan or be just plain hood rich to cop one! Expect to see many more competitors in this new market.

[Shout-out to 813Customs!]

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