Will You Install An iPad Mini In Your Car?

Apple's smaller iPad could be big news for the aftermarket biz.

Apple today just dropped the latest version of the super-popular iPad—the 7.9″ iPad Mini, which is lighter, more compact and more portable than the regular iPad, while still running all the same iPad apps (which means you can read RIDES on it)—along with a new version of the full-size iPad. Now, in its two-and-a-half year lifespan, the iPad has proven a popular add-on for car interiors. You may well know somebody who’s installed one in their ride; in fact, some manufacturers, like Cadillac and Hyundai, have given them out as freebies that come with buying their luxury whips.

But the iPad was always a little on the bulky side for a screen install in your dash—it could be jammed in, sure, but its 10″ screen was a bit bigger than most people wanted in a screen. But with the new, smaller iPad Mini, we’re guessing people will be more apt to mount it in their whips. What do you think? Are you more likely to pop an iPad Mini into your ride than you would the full-size model? Let us know in the comments.

In case you were wondering, here are the iPad Mini’s tech specs:

7.9-inch screen

0.68-pound weight

0.28 inches thick (thinner than a pencil)

Comes in black and white, with an aluminum back (like the iPhone 5)

1024×768 pixel resolution (same as the iPad 2)

10-hour battery life

Five megapixel camera in back, high-definition FaceTime camera in front

4G LTE cell phone version available

Price range: $329-$659