Chevy Camaro Limousine Needs To Die A Horrible Death

Preferable by fire.

Normally, we admire people when they take the new-school Camaro game to new levels. In the past, that’s meant dropping bigger and bigger rims in the wheel wells (32s, anyone?), coating it in chrome, or sawing the roof into a T-top. And those were all well and good. But this Camaro limo needs to die.

Based around the Transformers Edition Camaro SS, this muscle car has been turned into a gaudy whip fit only for the lamest kids headed off to prom. It’s been outfitted with both gullwing doors and butterfly doors. All that wonderful V8 power is now being sent down a driveshaft as long as a garbage truck’s, which means stuntin’ is probably out, unless you’re looking to snap some crucial parts.

Inside, the decor is only fit for Shia LaBoeuf, as the designers of this limo decided to stick with the Transformers theme and deck it out inside with Autobot-themed neon, leather and art. It’s probably the coolest thing in the world…if you’re nine years old. But anyone over ten shoulda known better.

If there’s any good news here, it’s this: the Camaro was made for a limo company in Perth, Australia, which means our odds of ever having to see it are pretty slim. But let’s hope nobody in the States ever decides to take up this idea…

[Shout-out to CarScoop!]

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