Mopar Pops A Viper V10 Into The Charger For SEMA

We can't wait to see this in person.

Chrysler always brings some sweet rides to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (a.k.a. SEMA) automotive trade show in Las Vegas every fall, and we at RIDES always love checking them out while at the show. But one of this year’s custom whips caught our attention even more than usual: a Dodge Charger with the latest SRT Viper V10 crammed under the hood. They call it the Dodge Charger Juiced.

Mopar dropped a 650 horsepower Viper crate motor into this Charger, then threw on a cold air intake and a cat-back exhaust for a little more power. Lowering the Charger improved the handling, while also improving the car’s stance. For some exterior pizzaz, Mopar added a chin spoiler, matte black 20″ wheels and matte orange hood and roof. That orange paint, for the record, is called “Copperhead.”

Inside, black-and-orange leather coats the seats, the steering wheel, and the armrests, while the instrument panel bezel shares the black-and-orange coloring. Our favorite part of the interior, however, lies between the front seats: the Mopar pistol grip shifter. That’s right—this Charger is a stick. Now, Dodge—how about building one of these for us? [Shout-out to Chrysler!]

Press Blast:

Dodge Charger Juiced
Imagine a modern-day take on a custom street rod, mated with an emissions-friendly powerplant and a bountiful array of Mopar parts and accessories which demonstrate what the average owner can create. That’s the Dodge Charger Juiced.

Front and center is the Viper V-10 Mopar crate engine, which provides the Dodge Charger Juiced with the soul of a hotrod by taking a fast car and inserting an even more powerful engine. The Viper V-10 injects a venom-worthy boost of 650 horsepower into the Charger Juiced, but tones down the emissions to remain eco-friendly. The Mopar cold air intake and Mopar cat-back exhaust provide even more horsepower and a menacing engine note, while the Mopar lowering kit tightens the ride and improves cornering.

The design of the Charger Juiced complements the aggressive lines of the Dodge Charger while evoking a custom-rod feel with a restrained subtlety. The Mopar front chin spoiler, Mopar Performance prototype hood (with a functional forward-facing intake) and roof carry a darker matte version of the custom Metallic “Copperhead” paint of the vehicle. Unique Mopar matte black hood graphics and decklid graphics are also featured. The body-color split cross hair grille boasts a Mopar grille badge, and Mopar-exclusive 20-inch lightweight wheels are also trimmed in matte black, with an accent “Copperhead” stripe.

“Copperhead” inflections reach inside of the Charger Juiced, where unique black Katzkin leather seats stand out with touches of “Copperhead” color. Accent “Copperhead” color stitching may be found on the steering wheel, shifter and armrest, and a “Copperhead” logo is embroidered on the seatbacks. The large aluminum instrument panel bezel is matte black but also touched by subtle hints of the outside hue. The interior is finished off with Mopar logo door-sill guards, Mopar logo premium carpet floor mats and the Mopar pistol-grip shifter.

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