Two Cadillac Escalades Crash Into Their Boss’s Maybach

Carnage on the streets of Russia.

Something caused these two Escalade escorts to bump uglies, and although speed and reckless driving could’ve been a factor, we think it was all caused by a little orange barrier. Sure, the drivers of these Caddies should’ve been a little more attentive considering the amount of traffic, braking and accelerating, and sharp turn signs, but we all have our moments. Don’t hate too much though, cause there was a serious problem on the road that could put the blame on highway maintenance workers, and not the drivers.

What the hell is that orange cone doing in the middle of the road with no forewarning signs? (1:01 – 1:04) Luckily it doesn’t look like any one was driving too fast, so we’re almost positive no wigs were split in this caravan collision. It’s hard to tell, but hopefully that beautiful Maybach Saloon wasn’t hurt in this terrible tragedy.

[Shout-out to YouTube!]

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