Might Have To Wait For Those Bentley, Lamborghini SUVs

Blame that European economy.

Got some bad news for you, folks. Know those Bentley and Lamborghini SUVs you were looking to cop, once your album went gold or your lottery ticket went platinum? They may not show up for quite some time.

Bentley and Lambo’s parent company, Volkswagen, has been looking to increase the two luxury brands’ profits and their chunk of the market, and as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW will happily tell you, adding a sport-ute to your luxury lineup is a pretty-much-guaranteed way of adding more green to your bank account. In the long run, that is. In the short term, however, developing new models—especially bougie high-performance ones—takes millions upon millions of dollars of development cash over several years.

Problem is, Europe’s economy isn’t doing too well these days, which has forced VW to shut down production lines and reevaluate how they want to spend their money right now—and dropping a few dozen million dollars building a pair of super-luxury SUVs that won’t be profitable for years may not be the best idea when the parent company is worried about their cash supply drying up. A final decision may come next month. We’re hoping they decide to go through with at least one of them…’cause as far as we’re concerned, there’ll always be someone out there to drop a few hundred stacks on a super-lux SUV. [Shout-out to Automotive News!]