As Baller As A Garage Gets?

Nothing beats drive-in a skyscraper.

rides cars hamilton-towers-singapore drive in skyscraper garage

Living in the city comes with plenty of positives: the restaurants are better, the women are sexier, and there’s always something to do. But parking in a major metropolis is a bitch. Even if you’re loaded and can afford to shell out a second car payment’s worth of dough on a permanent slot in a garage, your car is still a long ways away from your placeā€”and come on, how much do you really trust those garage attendants with your special ride?

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Hamilton Towers in Singapore, though, all those problems are beneath you. Literally. Apartments in that high-rise have a car-sized elevator that whisks residents’ rides straight up to their apartment, where they’re gently and automatically placed into a garage space next to the living room. Plus, the wall between living room and garage is transparent, so you can ogle your car from your couch if you want.


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