Will.I.Am. Too.Drunk. To.Find. His.Ugly.Car

Laughable? Or understandable?

Story: Rey Fries

Hip-Hop artists have an uncanny talent to predict their own future. This supernatural skill has been evident in rappers since rap began. Peep Will.I.Am’s latest hit “This Is Love” for example. This track is a premonition of what would later occur in his life. With verses like “This is love for the beats, Steal it in the streets” and “We sip till we smashed up, Feeling all right,” Will should’ve seen this coming from a mile away.

Last Monday, the Black Eyed Peas member tweeted about getting ready to go to his listening party. A few too many drinks later, more tweets popped up about his very own IAMAUTO car being stolen.

So what happened? After making the public aware of what he thought happened, getting the LAPD involved, and desperately seeking the car thief who stole it in the streets, the artist would find out that a valet had safely parked his whip. Allegedly, Will.I.Am drove to his party, gave the keys to his valet to park, then he sipped til he got smashed up and forgot the valet had the keys. By forgetting that he had his valet park the car, thinking it got stolen, and informing the world about it, we can all agree he got pretty smashed up from sippin’ one too many.[via CarScoop]

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