Tell Us The Illest Car, And Win Illest Gear!

We're trading T-shirts for opinions.

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Note: The contest is now closed…we’ll announce a winner in the next couple days! Stay tuned!

Wanna win the illest T-shirt you see above? Well, it could be all yours—but we’re gonna need something from you in return.

Here’s how it works: We want you to tell us what you think is the illest category of cars on the streets these days that you’d like to see more of in RIDES. Want more new school muscle cars? Old schools? Trucks? Donks? Luxury cars? Exotics? Whatever it is, let us know in the comments below. Be sure to leave your email address too, since that’s how we’ll contact the winner.

Write your answer anytime between now and May 18th; we’ll be choosing a winner at random within a few days of that, and we’ll let the winner know by email no later than May 25th. (We only have sizes L, XL and XXL T-shirts available, however.) Good luck to ya!

15 Responses to “Tell Us The Illest Car, And Win Illest Gear!”

  1. chaucey hunt

    I would like to see more old school rides. Not necessarily lowriders, but clean customs like Rivieras, El Dorados, mid-50s GM vehicles, etc. i wouldn’t mind seeing some trucks too. Maybe some 60s, 70s, and 80s trucks could be featured. Maybe RIDES could do a buildup or two and create trends instead of just reporting on them.

  2. Armando

    I would like to see more 94-96 IMPALA SS that always makes me buy a magazine no matter who issues it & I bet there’s a lot more people like me who’s obsessed with the IMPALA SS!!!

  3. Paul Williams

    I wanna see widetrack grand prix, regals, lucerne and bonnevilles from like 90s and up

  4. $$$$$ CADILLAC PIMP"N $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    i would luv 2 see more lowrider ‘s donk’s oldschool’S custom painted suvs triked out OLDSCHOOL CADILLAC”S donks with airbag’s/air ride suspensin by da way my t-shirt size iz a big/tall that’s a good sized XXL ok back 2 my WI$H list of whip’z i wanna see a LOT MORE DONK”S LOWRIDER”S LUXURY WHIPS & CU$TOM NU ERA CU$TOM WHIP”Z PLUS MORE EXPENSIVE SUV”S IM OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 HAVE A GRA8 WEEK. WHEN RIDES JUNE 2012 / CALIFORNA LOVE I$$UE FINNA COME OUT ???????????????? THANX ONE !!!!!! 🙂

  5. jake w

    I wanna see some lowrider pickups in rides a few months ago i saw a PRO dodge ram in the XPLIZIT car club and it was off the CHAIN!!!!
    tricked out suvs are okay but the oldschool pickups are what i wanna see more of.

  6. Q

    I wanna see some 94-96 cadillac fleetwoods they had one in the old donk mags but havent seen anymore. Also i like the full size german luxury bmw 7 series Audi s8 etc.


    I love to see custom suv’s in the mag! But they are too far and in between!!! STARTING OFF WITH SUCH AN EXPENSIVE PLATFORM IS NO LAFFING MATTER!
    In the end, we all spend rediculous amounts of money to one up our friends and neighbors! But it sure is worth it when u pull out the garage and they can’t stop staring!

    MORE SUV’s!!!!!!!


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