RIDES June 2012 Cover Revealed!

Servin' up a heavy dose of California love.

rides cars june 2012 cover issue 55

The latest issue of RIDES Magazine will be on the streets before you know it, but until you can cop a copy, we’re giving you a sneak preview at the cover. As you can see, for this issue, we combed Cali for the hottest whips we could find—believe us when we say the cover cars only scratch the surface!

And that’s not to mention the rest of the coverage we’ve got inside—the new Viper, Bentley’s sick SUV, and of course, all the products, car reviews and other stories you’ve come to expect and love. So brace yourself for the June issue—it’s as hot as it gets.

  • Tht 68 Is My Dads [[R.i.P]]<3

  • Guss 68 custom

    TTT for “talk of the town”
    Ride in piece Topo..