RIDES Does The Gumball 3000: Day Five

Knockin' out Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Photography: Andrew Link

Apologies for droppin’ this on you Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday night, RIDES readers, but yesterday was one hell of a long-ass drive. We crushed 753 miles of Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, most of it on two-lane back roads so empty, we actually stopped the car in the middle of the highway once for fifteen minutes—and only three cars passed us that whole time.

All that wide-open country made for plenty of nice backdrops for the sexy RIDES photography you know and love—and our shooter-in-charge Andrew Link absolutely crushed it with the shots you see above. So check ’em out, save ’em, then spread ’em around on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever your social media of choice may be! We dig that social media love, so hook us up!

Shout-out to our sponsors: Cadillac, 3M Graphics, Falken Tire, GFG Wheels, and MatteMyCar.com!

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