RIDES Is Going On The 2012 Gumball 3000!

And wait until you check out our whip...

Yup, that’s right—RIDES is jumping on the ultimate week-long cross-country road trip dedicated to drivin’ fast, having a blast and stuntin’ hard—the Gumball 3000. We’ll be leaving from Times Square, NYC this Friday on an epic blast across the country alongside some of the biggest names in car culture—and some of the sickest cars ever to roam the land. And we’re gonna be bringing it all to you—the cars, the people, the sights—right here on rides-mag.com.

Of course, you can’t do the Gumball without a sick ride—so we’re gonna be hitting the road in the Cadillac CTS-V wagon you see in the gallery above, complete with a jaw-dropping matte white wrap provided by 3M Graphics and expertly applied by MatteMyCar.com. So check back right here starting Friday for our updates—we’ll be bringing you reports, pictures and video from the road the whole way. We wish we could bring ya along—but since we can’t, we’re gonna do all we can to give you the Gumball experience.

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