RIDES Does The Gumball 3000: Day Four

Tearing up the open roads of the Midwest.

Photgraphy: Andrew Link

Day four of the 2012 Gumball 3000 was one to remember, sure enough. Indianapolis to Kansas City is a good day’s drive no matter how far down you mash the gas, but our Cadillac CTS-V ate up the miles like a fat kid gobbling down cake. 80, 100, 120 miles an hour – it’s just a jog for the 556 horsepower Caddy. There ain’t many cars capable of hauling three dudes and a couple hundred pounds of gear around while still keeping up with supercars, but RIDES can testify firsthand that the CTS-V can run with SLS AMGs, Nissan GT-Rs, Ferrari 458s, and Lamborghini Gallardos – ’cause we ran with ’em all the way through Missouri.

Not only that, but the Cadillac has been turning heads left and right among both the VIPs running in Gumball and the crowds who come out to see us. The Gumballers love it for its insane power and speed, the crowds love it for the massive burnouts it lays down, and everybody loves it for its deep roar and sharp lines – especially in the matte white we wrapped it in.

Today was a long one, but tomorrow’s gonna be even longer – we’ll be sloggin’ from KC to Santa Fe. But it’s all just fine with us, just as long as the roads stay open and the gas keeps flowin’. We have some insane photo shoots lined up in the next couple days, so keep checking back here for the latest and greatest from the Gumball 3000 and RIDES! And as always, be sure to follow our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds for exclusive content!

Shout-out to our sponsors: Cadillac, 3M Graphics, Falken Tire, GFG Wheels, and MatteMyCar.com!

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