New Maybachs Now Come With A $100K Rebate!

A hundred stacks on the hood should bring people in.

rides cars maybach 57s anniversary edition

The rich ain’t like the rest of us, but even they know to snap up a good deal when they see it—so we’re guessing Maybach’s decision to offer a $100,000 rebate on every new car they sell will bring a few more buyers into showrooms.

Why the sudden savings? Well, as we told you back in the March/April 2012 issue of RIDES, Mercedes-Benz has pulled the plug on Maybach due to low sales, so now it looks like they’re trying to dump their remaining inventory as quickly and quietly as possible. Yeah, it smacks a bit of desperation, but when you’re looking to move six-figure cars people aren’t jumping over each other to buy, you gotta go big or go home.

So now that Maybach is knocking a hundred grand off the price of each Maybach, what can you pick one up for? Well, the Maybach 57 starts at $376,300, so you can now climb into one for about $275K. (We bet they won’t haggle over that last $1,300.) Just don’t expect to save much if you want a 62 Landaulet—that one still sells for seven figures, $100,000 discount or not. [Shout-out to AOL Autos!]

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