Mister Cartoon’s SanctionD Automotive Launch Party!

The tattoo master takes to the world of car care.

Photography: Scott Dukes

If you’ve got ink, you probably know the name Mister Cartoon. Known to his friends as Mark Machado, Cartoon’s stock in trade is art—specifically, tattoos and graffiti. With clients that range from Dr. Dre to Toyota, he’s a success by almost any measure—but that ain’t stopping him from spreading his wings.

Specifically, into the world of car care. Designed to go hand in hand with the careful attention to detail that’s long been part of California car culture, Mister Cartoon’s new SanctionD line of car care products cover almost the entire range of items needed to make a car shine. RIDES was invited to the launch party, and we had such a good time, we figured we’d share the pics with you.

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