Two-Face Camaro RS Packs Double The Madness

Untouched on one side, modified on the other.

What’s gonna catch more looks than a cleanly restored vintage 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS? How about two ’68 Camaro RSs, one stock and one modified, mashed together into one car?

That’s just what insurance company State Farm has built, in order to show off just how much they care about properly insuring classic rides. (Also, they’re using it as a teaching tool to show agents the difference between OEM fitment and aftermarket alterations.) We gotta give it up for State Farm—not only did they build one of the most distinctive classic Camaros out there, but they even used an old burnt-out ‘Maro as the starting point—thus saving another classic Chevy from the grave. Nicely done. [Shout-out to Inside Line!]

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