Watch Russia’s Dartz Wrap A Mansory Aston DBS (w/Video)

In fast-forward, of course. We ain't sittin' through that at regular speed.

We know the crew at Russia’s Dartz most for insane ideas like 2,000 horsepower sedans designed to tow yachts and bulletproof SUVs with seats upholstered in whale penis leather, but they also perform more ordinary automotive work, such as applying vinyl to discerning rides.

The company’s French division recently set up a black Mansory-bodied Aston Martin DBS ‘vert with a fresh matte red wrap, something that would be cool by itself—but they also decided to record the whole thing and toss it up on the Internet as a time-lapse. It’s a cool look at the work that goes into wrapping a whip…without having to watch it in real time.

[Shout-out to YouTube!]

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