Make Your Choice For The Hottest Ride of 2011

Which car will earn your vote?

The contest is closed! Keep your eyes open for the results soon!

2011 was a great year for fresh whips, but only the freshest of them were lucky enough to appear in the pages of RIDES. But now that our year of choosing the best cars out there is over, we decided it’d be interesting to get your take on it.

Here’s how it works: We’ve pulled together a list of the ten hottest cars featured in RIDES in 2011. Click through the gallery, and if you want to learn more about a particular model, click on the link below the image and it’ll bring you to the car’s own page. Once you’ve scrolled through all the choices and made up your mind, write your pick in the comment box at the bottom of the screen.

Also, be sure to put your email address, as we’ll be choosing one voter at random to receive an awesome prize…a free one year subscription to RIDES! All entries must be in by Tuesday, January 24th, at midnight. We’ll announce the winner a couple of days after that. Good luck!

  • Q

    i vote for the monte carlo, its got a nice clean look to it, nothing was too over the top with the wheels or interior just a all around good looking car



  • Tyerik

    I vote for the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS!!! Its just something about that stands out to me I LOVE iT!!!!!

  • Edgar Martinez

    1975 Chevy Caprice is sick…the golden honey paint job just kills all the other paint jobs

  • The gold donk from texas

  • Gotta go with the camaro. Ive never been a fan of the new body style but this one i like

  • Rafael Guillen

    I vote for the Texas Special, 75 caprice…..
    At first look, I see a combination of a classic Chevy lowrider, a muscle car engine, with today’s big wheels style and futuristic looking interior….

  • Sean

    most def the Monte Carlo. it looks really special, yet still original enough to look like an old school muscle car like its supposed to be. it looks a lot more drivable then most of the other lifted or bagged rides too.

  • The red widebody Camaro is definitely the best car this year. The craftsmanship is very unique and the stance is incredible. Putting 30s on a car is one thing but to build an entire car and have so clean and classy is a whole new ball park!

  • DT

    Bagged Camaro, hands down!!!

  • jess viscovich

    I pick the candy red camaro. Nice widebody clean system nice set of wheels n very clean paint. Overall a showstopper imo.

  • Candy red 72 donk. He took the best of the best and a helluva idea and brought it to life. It’s one of those things ud expect to see as a drawing and be like, it would be so tight if somebody built it. Well he did, and quit well might I add. Donk vert, candy, 30 asanti, foolish drivetrain, Chrome front, plus skirts. Skirts! I don’t think I could’ve imagined a better one.

  • dee cee

    Chris’ widebody 2 door Chrysler 300. NOTHING like it ever.

    • Houston

      Its a mustang with a 300 front end.

      • dee cee

        Dude you are retarded if you really believe that is a mustang with a 300 front end. You better go on facebook to JCS Custom Paint page and see that builds pics from the start. Dont make yourself look stupid in public

  • Edward mtz

    Definitely the chopped 300 never before seen anything so custom truly one of a kind born by JCS owned by Joseph “B” Aguilar rest in peace homie

  • Hotrod

    A 72 Chevy Impala with a 912hp supercharged 572 on 30 inch staggered Asanti GAME OVER!!!!!!!!! Its easy 2 make a new car look good.Hard work,alot of hard work was put into this donk.The 72 impala deserves hottest ride of 2011 hands down.

  • DaREALdeal

    I gotta go with the 75 donk,love the color & stance.everything looks just right 2 me.1300 HP……….enough said!I would like to see it & the red 1 together.

  • the 2 door Chrysler 300 that JC built by far has the most work into it and the mods are flawless, the rest of the vehicles are nice but to me just arent modified enough to compete against the 300

  • MJR

    Ivy’s golden 75 donk from texas is on top. 30-inch staggered Forgiato,muscle, and a clean car down to every detail.

  • Francisco Tinoco

    My vote is for the 2010 camaro SS “RedRun” clowning….

  • Chopped 300….. RIP B

  • Junior

    I think our brother joseph b. deserve best Of 2011 all the dedication he showed with the sickiest 300 widebody 2door my vote goes to Joseph B for the 300 may he rest in peace SWIFT CC sigue rifando

  • jacques swift tx

    2 door wide body 300 shit is sik pics don’t do it justice car is insane mods are well fabed and jaboes fiberglass work is in a class of its own R.I.P. Joseph b swift

  • Christopher bubba Swift tx

    Chopped 300…… R.I.P. B


    Gotta b the chopped 300….everythin on it is 1 of…..converted into a 2 door widebody and chopped while still lookin as it was a concept car from a major automotive company from detroit…R.I.P. B

  • Luis E Pulgarin


  • dustin barrera

    The chopped 300 best over all custom work n all the best whip on there RIP B….. SWIFT TX.

  • 2 door 300 RIP B

  • brandon king gunna

    Chopped 300 r.I.p b

  • RdzTX

    2 door 300

  • Francisco SWIFT TX

    U all ready know!!!!!! Chopped 300!!!!!

  • charlie

    j&c’s custom auto body chopped three hundred c aka tha swift carclub /j&C kandy red 300 C tha one from tha annaversy issue aka tha KING’$ OF KANDY I$$UE I THINK THAT CAR IZ THA MO$T CU$TOM WHIP ON HERE !!! also u GUY$ @ ride$ MAG can REACH ME @ thats my dad’$ E mail SO IF U DO CHO$E ME THAT$ WHERE U CAN REACH ME @ THANX PEACE .

  • Daniel

    Candy Red widebody Camaro is the best one clean and stands out

  • ANT


  • red rum all da way it has the best of everything power, paint, big ass rims, bagged, mean ass system and most of all quality work

  • Joose

    Chitos Candy Red Camero!!!

    Oh my god!!! A great example of something not only done great but actually done right!! No shortcuts no cheap bondo!! All american Metal… Bad ass car…
    Definite winner

  • My vote for the 2011 Hottest car is “Redrum,” the 2010 Chevy Camaro.

  • Yess H.

    Candy red camaro!!

  • Frosty Batman

    Nice wip. Count this as a vote.

  • Melissa Hernandez

    My vote for hottest car of the year is for “REDRUM” 2010 Chevy Camaro SS

  • Andrew SwiftTx

    Chopped 300 Rip B

  • matt

    chitos red rum

  • steve

    red rum is the shit

  • Guerito sinco siete

    Sick ass ride man supercharged it runs it burns fucken sick the wide body just kill da game nice ride slammed to da floor ha unique much love n respect to al that nokturnal cc puting in work killing da game exhenle gannas

  • Maria Marin

    “REDRUM” 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS for hottest car of the year

  • Salvador Hernandez

    Stopping by to vote for the most firme car on youre magazine last year, the 2010 Camaro better known as REDRUM

  • First things first I think (Chris built) is sikkk !!! But every knows that 300 was already built. I give Chris props that he pulled it out in time for Dub. In the other hand the name ( RedRuM ) tells you everything for the ppl that are slow if you spell it backwards is ( Murder ) this siikkkk candy camaro is not just paint and big wheels. Everything it’s touch. My vote would go to Chito but I give props to both of this cars and owners.

  • jacob

    The interior and the exterior, that’s how u do it. That’s a bad ass Damaris.

  • Adriana

    My vote goes to the wide body camaro . No doubt.

  • Darian

    My Dad “Massive from Nokturnal) has thought me a thing or two of builting custom cars and the way Alonso a.k.a Chito was to murder every camaro out there. So bad that it’s already at the shop getting fully rebuilt. So of course I’m going to vote for Red Rum . Sick camaro . Someday I’m going to be from nokturnal an built a sik car like my Dad Massive and RedRuM .


  • soul

    Redrum is the best camero out there everyone ..should check out chito’s badass car and vote for it because there is no other car like his XD

  • agustina

    man my vote has to go to the best car and that has to be REDRUM

  • Brittney Gomez

    Redrum! That candy apple camera is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Daniel Rivera

    wow man, definitely going with redrum!

  • J

    Redrum hands down!

  • Guzman loera

    Any shop can do a widebody now days.. But how many shop can make 4door into a 2door… Hands down to Ts designs and jc.. Chopped 300

  • Ivan “Lexoma”

    My vote is for REDRUM. No doubt in my mind chitos build is putting the competition 2 sleep. FULL WIDE BODY ALL THE WAY AROUND REAL CANDY PAINT, FULL FIBER GLASS JL AUDIO SYSTEM AND TO TOP IT OFF AN AIR RIDE SUSPENSION AND LET’S NOT FORGET THAT 700 HP super charger. These are just some of the mods that makes this car real interesting and so unique to me. Thumbs up and hands down to REDRUM.

  • oscar cabello

    The best car….el camaro from. Chito…redrum no questions …

  • Sujey S.


  • Carlos

    I gotta pick the best car so that is the redrum

  • Oscar Pena

    My vote goes to the candy red wide body camaro.

  • Frank

    I vote for SWIFT CC Chopped 300!!!!!!!!!!

  • humberto

    My vote goes to the chopped 300

  • ta kon madre el 300. sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Charles

    Hummer on 32’s. Wheels cost more than the camaro. Lol

    • BEN C.


  • Edward martinez

    Chopped 300 definitely king of the road r.i.p “B”Joseph swift in heaven

  • Pedro Ramos

    Hands Down The Kandy Red Chopped 300c

  • brad

    Red donk on 30s hands down

  • BEN C.


  • jeremy

    72 vert on staggered 30’s … that kandy guru sprayed candy red BEAST!!!!!

  • Tawnya

    ’72 Chevy Impala of course! That is sexy!

  • Always said ” Love H2 it’s the best”

  • hummer

  • Frank N

    Hands down, The Red 72 vert on staggered 30’s is perfection at its greatist. Big ups to the Kandy Guru. Pass the trophy to him. Whip game over

  • DArtis

    I’m loving the ’72 Monte Carlo! I don’t see many sitting like that….it really cought my eye!

  • Talon C

    Th riveara sickness all day lookingclean

  • brent

    sweet car


    It’s the baddest,sikkest CAMARO OUT THERE, HANDS DOWN.

  • im voting for red rum ss camaro sikk car

  • teacup

    Nokturnal’s redrum

  • Chris Snowden

    #5 of 10..The Burgandy Camaro!! That is Siiickkkkk!!! Nice body kit, rims, color, everything comes together on that car to make it sleek and flawless!! The best car I have ever seen!!

  • Sammy lopez

    Nokturnals red rum. It has my vote

  • hector

    nice very nice,it has all the luxuries in a clean manner ,not over done just right.

  • The chopped …. 300!!!


    Hands down red rum pictures and in person the ride is hot

  • REC

    Sick ride mad props !!

  • my vote for red rum NOK NOK!!!!!

  • Guero

    My vote for redrum done just right flawess!!

  • oscar flores

    That “RED RUM” Camero SS gots my vote!

  • Jenny

    Chito’s Redrum all the way!!


    redruM is murdeRous….

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