Let Us Know: Do You Want Girls In The Next Donk, Box & Bubble?

Tell us what you want.

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All right, RIDES readers, time to make yourselves heard. We’re working on our plans for next year’s issue of Donk, Box & Bubble, and we wanna know if you’d like to see girls in the magazine again this year. No wrong answers hereā€”just choose your answer in the poll below.

17 Responses to “Let Us Know: Do You Want Girls In The Next Donk, Box & Bubble?”


    I no because the donk game shouldnt have these stupid looking ass white girls in it put some bitches in there that got some fat asses on them them bitches yall got are models they dont know shit about a Donk

  2. IndyWendy

    I think the models are good for the magazine, but I would like to see models who actually have cool rides do the modeling. A girl who shares the same interests as a man with love of a cool ride. A girl can be just as sexy in blue jeans, heels and a low cut top. I did read previous comments that some men voiced that they would like to see a model with a bigger booty (more junk in the trunk) doing the modeling.

    I’ve never done modeling, but I think I could give those skinny girls a run for their money! lol
    Give me a call if you decide to go with girls who have curves (36-28-42).

  3. kaboo1981

    Hell n0 that fuk da wh0le b00k up i want t0 c pussy i will by playb0y 0r black tail nall brah.will 0r wh0 eva d0 tha editing edit them bitches 0ut but yall kan sh00t diffrent bakgr0nds like in fr0nt 0f a mansi0n 0n da beach da pr0jects 0r a gas stati0n etc..

  4. unknwn

    i say no, if i wanna see girls i can get on the computer and just type in whatever type of girl i wanna see instantly and go to whatever porn site. i buy a car magazine to see cars.

    i thought this past issue of donk was good but some of the girls took up too up too much space from the cars. if yall do keep the girls though make sure you got some phat booties not no FLAT asses lol

  5. unknwn

    and you can also just pick up a SMOOTH or KING magazine if you wanna see chicks to the guys thats saying they want more girls

  6. smoke 1 willie

    sexy women + bad-ass donks/cars = best car magazine. as long as they dont block the car. and they are nameless. no one wants to see the same video/internet bitch all over again. theres pleny bad women out there we dont know about.

  7. Ecac

    Its cool to have them with the donks, just dont focuse on the girls and not show the cars off.

  8. Ymerej

    Should do a girls edition of donk box & bubbles alot of girls are riding clean too…


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