See How Platinum Picks Up Their Bugatti Veyron (w/Video)

One awesome late-night road trip.

Odds are good you’ll never know firsthand what it’s like to pick up your new Bugatti Veyron from the dealership (don’t sweat it—we probably won’t either), so watchin’ some of the crew from Platinum Motorsports grab the keys to their new 1,000 horsepower supercar may be as close as you ever get.

This is the same Veyron that Platinum is currently hard at work givin’ a matte white paint job, the better to match some of their other whips (like the Maybach they drove down to pick up the Bugatti in). Good thing, too, because that red-and-black coat it wears in this video just doesn’t cut it. We’re looking forward to seeing this bad mutha after Platinum finishes doing what they do best to it, though! [Shout-out to YouTube!]

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