Hey, Where’d All The Articles Go?

RIDES is dealing with some technical problems.

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Naw, you ain’t seeing things—the last month worth of articles are missing from the RIDES website. We ain’t tryin’ to make you forget everything that happened since mid-August, either. As it turns out, the company we hired to maintain the server we keep rides-mag.com on forgot to back up everything before doing their job, and guess what—everything since August 10th got erased.

We’ll work on re-uploading all the ill content we lost, but in the meantime, we’ll also keep you deep in the freshest news and new cars we find, so don’t let this little hiccup keep you from readin’ RIDES online!

  • Thank you for the update 🙂 We were wondering why Texas wasnt up there yet. RIDES MAG FTW!!!