Got Traffic Law Questions? We’ll Hook You Up

A special service for our RIDES readers.

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It’s the straight-up truth—if you drive, odds are good that sooner or later you’ll cross paths with the 5-0. Maybe a light’ll turn red too quickly, maybe you’ll get slapped with a speeding ticket, but eventually you’ll probably find yourself on the receiving end of some sort of traffic ticket. But then what do you do? Do you just try and pay it and hope for the best, or is it worth it to head to court and try and fight the charges?

Trouble is, every case is different, so how are you supposed to know when to fight and when to just pay up? To find out, you gotta ask an experienced traffic lawyer—and luckily for you, RIDES has a friend who happens to be one. Matthew J. Weiss, Esq., is a New York traffic lawyer who publishes the web site “Confessions Of A Traffic Lawyer,” and he’s offering up a handy service for our loyal readers: free traffic ticket advice.

Here’s how it goes down: you send your traffic ticket questions to or write them in the comments below, then every couple of weeks, Mr. Weiss will answer you right here on Just be sure to include your name (doesn’t have to be your real name, just a name) and what state you’re writing from. Sound good to you?

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