Low Rider Violence: Car Show Shooting In Washington

Twelve injured, but thankfully, no one killed.

13 people were wounded last Saturday at a low rider car show in Kent, Washington, when a gunman opened fire into the parking lot full of show goers. Luckily, no one suffered life-threatening injuries; however, the shooter still has not been identified, according to the police.

While police are still looking for the gunman, witnesses say they suspect the shooting may have been in part caused by the entertainment at the show, a pair of California rappers named Midget Loco and Baby Jokes. vice president of car club Rollerz Only Northwest Jose Gutierrez said at least one of the musicians performing there has been known to promote gang activity in their videos. “There’s never a problem unless organizers bring in music artists from outside the area,” he said. “The gangster rap brings in the wrong crowds.” Here’s hopin’ future car shows—both in Washington and across the country—choose to concentrate more on the cars and less on the beefs between people.

[Shout-out to The Seattle Times and YouTube!]