Floridians, Crank Up Those Car Stereos!

State court overturns law suppressing the volume.

rides cars car-stereo-golf-florida

Ladies and gentlemen of the great state of Florida, you are now officially free to blast music from your car stereos as loud as you please! Thanks to a recent ruling by the Florida Second District Court of Appeals, a state law that allowed cars to be ticketed if their music could be heard a mere 25 feet away has been struck down as a violation of the First Amendment—the right to free speech and free expression.

The law’s dismissal comes just in time to save the residents of Sarasota from an overzealous police department—the city just passed a law which would allow the cops to impound noisy whips on the first offense. Now if we can just convince the Cincinnati fuzz that big rims are a form of free expression, too. [Shout-out to Jalopnik and The Palm Beach Post!]

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