Chrysler 300 Gets The “Imported From Detroit” Treatment

New ads feature the dope sedan in Portland and NYC.

Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad this year was one of the few commercials from this year’s big game that continues to stick with us today. Even watching it now, we still feel a shiver go up our spine. The only problem we had when we watched it, though, was the ride Eminem was driving through Detroit in. “The 200? That’s weak,” we though. “This ad is so dope, it deserves the 300 treatment.”

Well, ask and ye shall receive—Chrysler has just dropped two new “Imported From Detroit” ads that show celebrities driving the 300 as they voyage back to their roots. Instead of Eminem and the Motor City, though, the new commercials feature Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh returning home to Portland, Oregon, and clothing designer John Varvatos cruising the streets of New York City. Whether you like the ads or not, you gotta admit, this car looks dope!

[Shout-out to YouTube!]

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