A Range Rover For The High Life

Italy-only model comes with built-in wine bar.

0-60 cars Range Rover Spirito DiVino wine

“Check you, bougie!” Expect to hear that often if you’re rolling around in this ride. Known as the Land Rover Range Rover Spirito DiVino, it comes complete with a built-in wine fridge in back that can hold up to 12 bottles of your favorite red, white, rose, or champagne.

The Range is powered by a 309 horsepower 4.4 diesel V8 that we don’t get here, but you don’t have to be worried about oily fumes spewing your way while you’re hanging out by the booze in back—the on-board fridge can be powered by solar panels or an exterior power source. A nice set of wine glasses comes with it, along with the wine-inspired exterior color. The only thing this bougie ride is missing is an automatic pilot so the driver can get properly loaded along with everyone else—though if you’ve got the euros for a ride like this, you might well have a driver, too. Sadly, it’s not for sale here, but we bet there’s somebody in the States who’ll replicate this setup for you. [Shout-out to World Car Fans!]

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