Kobe Bryant Gets Smart (w/Video)

Lakers legend now in Chinese market Smart car ads.

Kobe’s advertising game is almost as impressive as his skills on the court—in his 15 years in the NBA, he’s served as the spokesman for Adidas, Sprite, McDonald’s, Nike, Spalding, and Turkish Airlines. (We’re not sure how that last one snuck in there.) Now he’s moved on to shilling cars—but he’s starting small.

About as small as you can get, actually; as you can see above, Kobe is now the spokesman for Smart’s diminutive city cars. Rather than waste his talents trying to convince Americans to buy the little cars, they’re capitalizing on China’s love of Kobe and need for urban cars by using him in an ad designed for the Chinese market. Not a bad idea, really…though all the advertising in the world doesn’t change the fact that the Smart car has a weird gearbox and needs a few dozen more horsepower. [Shout-out to Advertising @ ChinaSmack!]

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