Four Fiercely Tuned Mercedes-Benz SLS AMGs

Geneva Motor Show brings a quartet of modded gullwings.

Most of the world’s automotive journalists headed to snowy Geneva, Switzerland this week for the Geneva Motor Show, to check out the latest and greatest of the car world. And while most of the focus tends to land on the world debuts from the car companies themselves—such as the Ferrari Four and the Lamborghini Aventador—many of the world’s best tuners bring their new whips to the show as well.

This year, one of the more popular rides to tune was the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, with no fewer than four separate companies showing off their own versions of Benz’s gullwing sports car: Brabus, FAB Design, Hamann, and Mansory all came to the show with their own SLSs. Check ’em out in the photo gallery above. [Shout-out to Mercedes-Benz-Blog, Autoblog, and World Car Fans!]

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