First World Record Bugatti Veyron Arrives In U.S.

So this is what a 268 mph car looks like up close.

In spite of their $1.5 million-plus price tag, sometimes it seems like Veyrons are a dime a dozen. (T-Pain, Birdman and Jay-Z all have ’em, after all.) But you ain’t likely to see many of the bad-ass mutha you see here. This is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport World Record—only five will be built, and they ain’t all coming here.

Two things separate the World Record Edition Veyron SS from the “regular” Veyron SS: only WRE editions score the black-and-orange paint job, and they’re the only ones capable of the car’s full 267 mph top speed. Every other Veyron Super Sport is limited to a pathetic 258 miles per hour in order to protect the tires. [Shout-out to Drag Times and Jalopnik!]

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