Callin’ Out A Fake Rolls-Royce Phantom! (w/Video)

Fakery shouldn't be tolerated on the streets.

For reasons we don’t understand, there are people out there who like to take decent whips like Chrysler 300s and deck them out to look like knock-off Rolls-Royces. It can’t be cheap, it never looks good, and the only people it’s likely to fool are the fools who don’t know anything about cars to begin with.

Well, it seems a couple of guys from Cali stumbled upon one of these faux Phantoms on the street, but instead of just letting it slide, they decided to start giving this fake Rolls owner a bit of just what he deserved. Luckily for us, they caught it on camera, and it made our day. Check it out above! [Shout-out to World Star Hip Hop!]

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