Audi Working On A BMW X6 Rival?

Curvy SUV may go by the name Q6.

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BMW’s X6 sounded like a crazy idea when we first heard about it—a giant four-door SUV trying to look like a coupe—but BMW pulled it off, and the X6 has turned out to be one of our favorite sport-utilities. Now, we’re hearing Audi may be reading a four-door sport-utility coupe of their own—and given their skill at making their cars look all kinds of sexy, we bet it’ll be one fine-looking ride to stare at.

The Q6, as it’s expected to be called, will also probably be a damn fine whip to drive around in, since it’ll be based on the same platform as the physics-defying second-generation Porsche Cayenne and the newest Volkswagen Touareg (along with its close relative, the Audi Q7). Supposedly, Audi is already considering a super-sporty RS Q6 variant designed to counter the BMW X6 M; that version should be powered by the twin-turbo 4.0 V8 headed for such sweet rides as the Audi RS6 and the Bentley Continental GT.

No one outside of Audi knows when the car will make itself known to the world, but considering the success BMW’s had with the X6 (the sport-ute coupe’s sales last year were almost double what BMW expected), we’re guessing Audi wants this bad boy out the door and paying for itself as soon as possible. [Shout-out to AutoWeek!]

Seen above: Audi Q7

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