Turn Your Rear Window Into A Subwoofer

New system vibrates the glass itself.

rides cars giant subwoofer minivan rear window glass

The woofer game is about three or four years away from being turned on its head, thanks to a creative idea from Magna International Inc.: instead of building a bigger subwoofer inside the car, turn part of the car into the subwoofer.

The system connects specially treated rear window glass to a pair of exciters in the window’s base, which in turn vibrate the rear glass according to the music. Magna says the new system, which has been under development for about four years, uses less energy and takes up less room than regular subwoofers; however, the setup prevents those outside your car from hearing your bass notes, which may or may not be a problem, depending on how you like to roll. The system could start showing up in cars in the 2015 model year. We’re looking forward to seeing how it works in real life. [Shout-out to The Detroit News, Jalopnik!]

For the record, that ain’t the prototype pictured above; that’s just a damn impressive picture we found.

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