Nissan, Lexus Both Love Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue

And so do we.

rides cars Nissan-Juke-Sports-Illustrated-curb-appeal-swimsuit

It’s that time of year again—a time for love, for lust, for women to strut around in the most revealing of outfits for the pleasure of guys. No, not Valentine’s Day—today’s the day Sports Illustrated drops their new Swimsuit Issue!

This year, Nissan and Lexus have both teamed up with SI to bring us videos putting together two of our favorite things: whips and girls. Lexus goes the classy route, making their LFA supercar do donuts around a Dutch supermodel; Nissan goes the funny route, comparing a Juke and a bikini-clad model in four separate “tests.” Check out all the video goodness below!

[Shout-out to YouTube!]

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