Mercedes-Benz’s Super Bowl Ad Features Living Cars, Diddy

SLS AMG Roadster shows up, too.

A copy of the extended version of Mercedes-Benz’s Superbowl ad has made its way onto the web, and if we’re being straight with ya, we’re not sure if it’s moving, funny—or creepy.

Yeah, the idea of hundreds of Mercedes-Benz models from throughout the car maker’s history quietly sneaking out of the house to say hi to four of their new brothers (the SLS AMG roadster, the SLK, the C-Class Coupe and the CLS) makes us feel warm inside. There’s certainly some funny moments in there, such as Diddy’s little cameo. But then we realized we were watching hundreds of cars come to life in the middle of the night, just like vampires. Nothing stops them—not locked doors, security guards or meadows full of sheep. And we got a little creeped out, aight? [Shout-out to YouTube!]

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