Chevy Bringing Transforming Camaros To The Superbowl

Bumblebee takes on a chipmunk in new commercial.

This year’s Superbowl will be loaded down with car ads, and Chevrolet is coming out in forceā€”the brand is showing no fewer than five all-new ads at the big game. Four of them are still under wraps, but Chevy released this one (which also hypes the new Transformers movie that comes out this summer), which shows Bumblebee the Autobot getting P.O.’ed after being whacked with a fake hammer while in Camaro form. If the first ad is this good, we’re looking forward to seeing the rest of them this Sunday during the game. Judging by that black-and-yellow paint job, we know who Bumblebee will be rooting for.

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