We Want Your Rides!

Send us pictures of your whips, we'll put 'em on the site.

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Listen up, RIDES readers! We know you have some of the sickest whips on the streets. You tell us about it in the comments all the time, and we love hearing about ’em. That’s why we have our Reader Rides section—so you can show off your cars to other readers, and to those parts of the world that you don’t cruise past in your day-to-day.

So head on over to the Reader Rides Upload page (just click here), fill out the form and upload up to four pictures of your ride for us. Send us your best shots—we want pics that’ll make you and your car look good. If you can, try and get your whip from a few different angles. Let us know a few things about your car, too—where you had your mods done, etc. Then hit submit, and before you know it, you just might be seeing your car right here on the RIDES website!

8 Responses to “We Want Your Rides!”

  1. Glen

    Hands Down The Cleanest 72′ Chevelle Drop in MS in production now New Release Date 02/12/2011 So Rides Mag You guys might wanna make the trip (Cover Page Baby)

  2. Jamie

    Hardest box chevy in Ms. will make its debut again april 16 Dub show in memphis have yo cameras ready!!! check out youtube (jamie box chevy)

  3. Bay

    Louis vuttion Don chevy on the way out of duvalll county we already rep n with da fist issue of donks rides n bubbles that red thang out of duvalll much respect …

  4. TONIE

    2011 Chevy Camaro 12 tvs 24 color mached fiber glass florida gator colors trunk crazy every time i stop i get a audience im in cali you know cali competition is strong


    Will Rides Mag ever come out to VA. We have a few Donks out here too. Its time for a VA photo session! Where are you NC, GA, and the FLA.

  6. taylor

    i wanna surprise my bf and put his car in your magazine? he was just at winterfest showing his car off.


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