Thieves Boost BMW 7 Series From The Detroit Auto Show

Car used to drive BMW management around stolen from hotel.

cars rides bmw 750i

Talk about bold! Last Wednesday, a pair of Detroit car thieves stole a brand-new BMW 750i xDrive brought to town to ferry Bimmer executives between their hotel and the Detroit Auto Show. The 7 Series, one of 19 brought to town to drive BMW’s employees around, was about to be loaded onto a transport truck back to New Jersey when the duo hopped in and boosted the car.

The car was equipped with an anti-theft tracking system that police said would lead them straight to the culprits; despite this, the cops only found the car this morning in a snowy parking lot. When they gave it the once-over, they found the wires to the tracking system in the trunk had been cut. We doubt they’ll be catching those two thieves anytime soon! Check out local Detroit TV station WXYZ’s news report on the car below.

[Shout-out to WXYZ!]

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