‘Maro Beats Mustang In Sales

First time it's happened in 25 years.

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If it seems like the new Camaro is everywhere these days, it ain’t you—Chevy’s been sellin’ as many as they can pump out. In fact, they’ve sold so many that for the first time since 1985, the ‘Maro outsold its arch-rival, the Ford Mustang. As of November, Chevy had sold 75,685 Camaros this year, while Ford had parted with 68,264 Mustangs. However, Ford ain’t sweatin’ it. “If that was important, we wouldn’t have taken a shift off at [the factory],” said Ford sales analyst George Pipas. Disrespect, or just too cool to care? We don’t know, and we ain’t guessin’. [Shout-out to Automotive News!]

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