Beyonce Picks Up a Bugatti Veyron For Jay-Z

A $2 million, 255 mph birthday present.

bugatti veyron beyonce jay-z

Bet your lady’s never done anything this nice for you! According to the New York Post, Beyonce picked up a brand new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport as a birthday present for her hubby Jay-Z, who turned 41 last week. She dropped $2 million on the 1,000+ horsepower car, ordering it a year in advance so it would be ready in time for the big day. Not like she can’t afford it, though—she and Jay together brought in $90 million last year. While y’all probably can’t afford a Veyron of your own (don’t worry, neither can we), you can design a Grand Sport of your very own at the Bugatti website. No word on what colors Beyonce chose, but we bet the car’s plenty fresh. [Shout-out to the New York Post]

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