Coming to SEMA: Fool-Proof Jumper Cables

'Cause messing around with high voltage ain't too bright.

People have been jump-starting rides for a century, but until now, it could be a tricky process for anyone who didn’t know what they were doing. Connect the cables the wrong way, and the car won’t start; touch the clips at the wrong time, and your heart could stop as quickly as your engine. But the team at Energy Safe Technologies has a cure for this: the world’s first smart jumper cables.

What makes them smart? Well, how ’bout their very own built-in computer? The tech built into the PowerSafe Jumper Cables means the juice won’t flow until the computer is sure the cables are correctly hooked up. The computer also monitors the power output in order to keep surges from frying anything. Simple, sure, but worth the cash if it keeps you out of the emergency room. [Thanks to Energy Safe Technologies]

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