“Machete” Packs Automotive Attitude

New flick has cool machines, heavy weapons and Jessica Alba.

When Roberto Rodríguez drops a new movie, you know you’re in for some cool sights—shootouts, explosions, and so forth. His newest film, Machete, ups the ante by adding some dope whips into the mix. Ever wanted to see a motorcycle with a chain gun strapped between the handlebars, or an old Buick with a rocket launcher popping out of the hood? (And really, who hasn’t wanted to see that?) Then this is definitely the film for you. Going by the trailer, the film seems to be about a Mexican ex-supercop named Machete (played by Danny Trejo) kicking incredible amounts of ass with the help of Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and Cheech Marin, who plays a priest who two-fists shotguns. Oh, and there’s some dude named Robert De Niro in there too.

MACHETE: Trailer.

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