Maybach—or Maywhack?

Mercedes-Benz might kill off the Maybach brand.

Plans from Mercedes-Benz to kill of their treasured Maybach are on the horizon. According to designers, they haven’t been asked to sketch up the new model, which is definitely not a good look for the future — especially with the new Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls Royce’s Ghost.Remember when Maybach was the go-to for luxury whips? Yeah, that was in the year 2002, when the 57 and 62 were released… 8 years ago! Step up or step off. What do you think, time for a new model or time to retire?

6 Responses to “Maybach—or Maywhack?”

  1. Greg

    It’s pronounced ‘my bock’. I hate it when people say it wrong. Daimler-Benz has a reason to discontinue the brand since hardly anyone buys them and the current S-Class offers most of the same luxury for about a quarter of the price. I still think it looks like a nice limo though.

  2. jethro

    Just think, If they retire them now they’ll be back in 40-50 years to take over again like way way back in the day. Maybach was the inventor of the diesel engine and the fact that Mercedes released a 57 and a 62 in the first place is a miracle, if they retire now Maybach Brand will always be a fundamental part of automotive history. plus the market for the $450,000 Mercedes’ has probably suffered the last few years and is probably costing Mercedes more to keep the Maybach factory open then they are making

  3. Lem

    Definitely time to step off. Such cars are for looks only and the “Check me out” factor. Once that fades all you are left with is a suped up Benz that way overpriced. Unless you are a car aficionado to buy such a vehicle is pointless and a waste of money. But to each their own.


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