Maybach—or Maywhack?

Mercedes-Benz might kill off the Maybach brand.

Plans from Mercedes-Benz to kill of their treasured Maybach are on the horizon. According to designers, they haven’t been asked to sketch up the new model, which is definitely not a good look for the future — especially with the new Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls Royce’s Ghost.Remember when Maybach was the go-to for luxury whips? Yeah, that was in the year 2002, when the 57 and 62 were released… 8 years ago! Step up or step off. What do you think, time for a new model or time to retire?

  • Greg

    It’s pronounced ‘my bock’. I hate it when people say it wrong. Daimler-Benz has a reason to discontinue the brand since hardly anyone buys them and the current S-Class offers most of the same luxury for about a quarter of the price. I still think it looks like a nice limo though.

  • reda

    i think that this is the worst idea ever

  • jethro

    Just think, If they retire them now they’ll be back in 40-50 years to take over again like way way back in the day. Maybach was the inventor of the diesel engine and the fact that Mercedes released a 57 and a 62 in the first place is a miracle, if they retire now Maybach Brand will always be a fundamental part of automotive history. plus the market for the $450,000 Mercedes’ has probably suffered the last few years and is probably costing Mercedes more to keep the Maybach factory open then they are making

  • i love saquib

  • Clever

    Never even owned one, and probably never will, so who cares??

  • Lem

    Definitely time to step off. Such cars are for looks only and the “Check me out” factor. Once that fades all you are left with is a suped up Benz that way overpriced. Unless you are a car aficionado to buy such a vehicle is pointless and a waste of money. But to each their own.