Linzy Kay

If she's how Ohio holds it down, we're moving.

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6 Responses to “Linzy Kay”

  1. Nick

    You people wouldn’t know a beautiful woman if you saw one. I’m thinking AK must live in a butterface-only zone. Will gets it. Props. She got her boobs done, I’m sure they were perky to begin with, but why the hell should she get a nose job!?! She’s got a cute nose. Pug noses are a snoozefest. It’s a little wide at the bridge, but that’s what makes her special and powerful even.
    Modeling agencies wouldn’t work with Cindy Crawford in the beginning. They told her to get her mole removed. Her mole became famous. It’s what made her sexy. That which makes a woman stand out makes her beautiful. What would hotness be if everyone looked like some thin lipped, pug-nosed orange-tan bottle blonde? Yuck! Unconventional is the hottest. Why else has every supermodel gone through an “ugly duckling” gawky phase–even Gisele! Stop being a media drone or get yourself a robot.

  2. Kayla

    i think she is fucking gorgeous. She doesnt need a nose job. there is nothing wrong with her nose…just not the stereotypical nose-job skinny.


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