2015 Range Rover HSE: Wide Range

As one of the more versatile cars on the market, this 2015 Range Rover HSE carves out a niche to call its own.

Story By: Jonathan Millstein
Photography By: William Stern

The Range Rover has positioned itself through the years as a car for everyone. It hasn’t fallen victim to stereotypes as a car for “soccer moms” or “athletes” or “outdoorsmen” or so on, yet it fills all of those roles and more. And with such a vast array of people embracing the British import, it’s no surprise that they’ve become a favorite of the customizing scene, as is the case with this 2015 Range Rover HSE from MC Customs in Miami.

In fact, this Range does belong to an athlete, and it was his lifestyle needs that inspired the customization. “He uses this as his truck in the Dominican Republic, just cruising,” says MC Customs owner Jhulio Tadeo. “During the season, he plays in Japan and doesn’t even have a car.” Since his time was split on opposite sides of the world, something big and brassy took a backseat to something “clean and classy.”

This vision is perfectly achieved with the addition of a Hamman Mystère body kit, giving the Range a widebody without trashing the original aesthetic of the car. “We wanted to keep it clean, nothing too crazy,” says Jhulio. “The body kit itself is already aggressive. So if you start doing too much to it, it will look like too much.” The look of the exterior translates directly into the all-black interior, which remains mostly stock with the exception of the car’s audio. MMATS amps, tweeters and mids bring the music, while two Kicker woofers bring the bass.

To achieve the rest of the custom look they were going for, MC Customs lowered the car 1.5 inches and rested it nicely on 24-inch Vellano wheels. However, these aren’t just any off-the-shelf Vellanos. “Vellano designed the wheel specifically for this truck, and once we designed and released it on the truck, they made it available for other cars,” says Jhulio, adding, “but they held that design for that truck until I delivered the car.” As a blank canvas for all types of drivers, the Range Rover again delivered with the help of a clear vision and MC Customs to create a one-of-a-kind ride.

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