2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe: Bullish Bimmer

Not afraid to customize a brand-new 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe, JC Customz created a beast that rises above the rest.

Story By: Jonathan Millstein
Photography By: Andrew Link

Copping a new whip over six figures and completely altering the look could either be considered a stroke of genius or an act of lunacy, but no matter what, it requires balls. JC Customz has proven time and again that they not only have the stones to do it, but also the expertise and vision to do it right, as showcased by their work on this BMW M6 Gran Coupe.

“There are people who grab a new car and do some extreme shit that doesn’t go with it, and you know, that’s when you really mess up a car,” says Chris Castellanos, owner of JC Customz. In order to ensure he wasn’t going to damage the Bavarian beauty in his garage, he looked to the car’s home nation of Germany to find the perfect custom look. “This is a body kit we bought from Germany, [from a company] called Prior-Design,” Chris says, “and it already comes with the flare, you know, the whole widebody kit.”

After redefining the shape of the Bimmer’s body, Chris stuck to his vision for the car as it prepared to enter the paint booth, saying, “I wanted to make this car so everybody could like it.” A Gray Aluminum matte covers all the major surfaces, giving the M6 a clearly custom look, bolstered by the black accents but without completely throwing the stock feel out the window. With the gray matte and black accents complementing the black interior perfectly, Chris plans to leave the interior stock for the time being. In fact, the only real flash of color comes in the form of the copper lip on the 22-inch Nutek wheels. “If I’d gone all-black wheels, it would look like any ordinary car,” said Chris. “We wanted to get that copper and just make it look different.”

Not only did Chris succeed in making the wheels look like no “ordinary car,” but he completely transformed this BMW M6 Coupe into a head turner. “It’s just a whole different freakin’ car,” says Chris. “You don’t even see those cars stock in the streets. When I drive it, people trip out and are like, ‘What the hell is this?’ You know, because they’ve never seen a Bimmer like this.”

Spec The Technique

Performance: Meisterchaft exhaust system
Exterior: Matte Gray Aluminum wrap; Prior-Design full widebody kit
Interior: Black leather 
ICE: Stock
Wheels: 22-inch Nutek Series 755 wheels with polished transparent copper outer; Toyo tires, 265/30/22 front, 305/25/22 rear

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