Yellow Sub-Machine: 2014 Ford Raptor

MC Customs packed this 2014 Ford Raptor to the brim with beat.

You’d expect to see the Ford Raptor ripping through the mountains in the Baja 1000 or tearing through the snow, as in the case of Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX, but sticking to the paved streets of South Florida? That’s exactly what happened when a friend of MC Customs in Miami approached owner Jhulio Tadeo to completely overhaul his 2014 Ford Raptor.

“He bought this truck and wanted to fill the bed with music,” says Jhulio. “He just wanted this thing to be out of reality, and that’s what we did.” With music being the main focus, Jhulio and the guys at MC Customs packed the truck with MMATS Pro Audio: Four 15-inch Juggernauts, eight 10-inch mids, four 12-inch mids and 20 one-inch tweeters bring the noise, filling every area from the bed to the tailgate to the four custom-fabricated door panels.

Continuing to buck the traditional Raptor trend, the truck was sprayed with matte pearl yellow. “Yellow is his color,” says Jhulio. “He loves yellow.” While that’s apparent from the beautifully blinding outer coat, Jhulio’s client had a vision for the truck that was far greater than bright paint and music. “The client told us what he wants,” says Jhulio. “He wanted everything done, from the engine to the music. He wants every single bit of the truck custom.” When you look closely at the color-matched shocks, or at the touches of yellow throughout the interior echoing the exterior, the idea of “every single bit” custom becomes a reality.

Though the truck is clearly built for the streets and car shows, Jhulio is quick to point out that it does still have that “off-road appeal.” Lifted, sitting on 22-inch American Force wheels and 35-inch Nitto tires, and packing a supercharged motor, it’s obvious that though it is show caliber, this Raptor doesn’t deny its off-road heritage.

Performance: Whipple supercharger
Exterior: Custom matte pearl yellow; custom front bumper with integrated LED
Interior: Full two-tone leather with piping; color-matched interior panels; custom steering wheel; custom fabricated and illuminated door panels
ICE: Four MMATS Pro Audio 15-inch Juggernauts, twenty ST-1 bullet tweeters, four 12-inch DT12X mids, eight 10-inch DT10X mids, MP-5 five-band EQ, four HiFi4250d amps, one HiFi6150d amp, two M3000.05D amps, one MPA2200 amp, one CX6 Pro
Wheels/tires: 22-inch American Force Raptor wheels; Nitto Terra Grapple tires, LT325/50R22

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