Nokturnal Car Club – Florida Chapter

Nokturnal's newest chapter has a different look but is cosigned nonetheless.

Story by: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography by: Andrew Link

Nokturnal Car Club’s impact on custom-car culture is undeniable. With chapters across the globe, their reputation as one of the top—if not the top—car clubs in the game is irrefutable. This popularity ultimately spawns new chapters sprouting up from the West Coast to the Midwest to overseas and, now, Florida.

Car clubs tend to rise and fall quickly in Florida. Perhaps it’s the ever-changing trends in a big rim–dominated car culture, or maybe it’s the speed with which people jump in and out of the game. Or possibly it’s the lack of legitimate car shows and the stronger emphasis on ride-outs and unofficial events. Whatever it is, starting a car club in Florida ain’t easy, and adopting a well-known and respected nameplate such as Nokturnal comes with much responsibility. Jacksonville, Florida, resident Danny Robles decided to take matters in his own hands and reach out to the West Coast kings in hopes they would bless him with permission to start a Noktural chapter in Florida.

“I reached out to one of the L.A. councilmen, Richie, asking if I could bring my Maxima to a big car show in Anaheim,” explains Danny. “He said yes and even picked me up from the airport. From there we went straight to a council meeting that same day, and I got to meet everyone from L.A.” From his time in Southern California, Danny not only got the blessing to kick off a Florida chapter but also lined up a shop that could redo his Maxima. Danny even had the opportunity to meet two-time RIDES cover veteran Chito Pacheco, who set him up with Audio Factory in La Puenta, TKTKTK, where Danny eventually shipped his ride.

Once back in Florida, things moved slowly on the recruiting front, and even though Danny became a member in April 2013, things didn’t get poppin’ until late January 2014. “It started at the Linny J MLK show,” explains Danny. “That weekend really helped recruiting.” Membership jumped up shortly after with the help of Nokturnal Florida’s vice president, who goes simply by “Wonder.” With Wonder’s assistance and other members, like councilmen Ray Fuentes and Norm Peterson, the crew has come to fruition.

Looking at the Florida-based club, it’s obvious they look virtually nothing like their Los Angeles counterparts, and as Danny explains, that’s due to the regional culture. “Out there, they take it to the next level, and most of their cars show up on trailers because they have engraved frames and things like that,” explains Danny. “Down here people like to drive their cars from city to city.” With a solid crew amassed, the next step for Nokturnal Florida is to continue to grow and make their presence felt at every show and event. “We just want to hit every major show in the South this summer,” says Danny, “let everybody know who Nokturnal is.” With a solid crew, an eclectic variety and membership increasing every day, the South certainly will recognize Nok’s newest chapter.

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