Infiniti M35: Swag On Infiniti

This widebody Japanese M35 has all the curves and ass that you wish came stock.

Story: Reynald Fries

Photography: Andrew Link

Opting to install a widebody kit on a whip usually means a lot of excess weight is part of the deal, so the owner should be ready to trim fat off the car in creative ways. In the case of this Infiniti, the builders took the proper measures to prepare the trade-off every widebody prospect should anticipate—sexy looks for heavy weight.

In order to feel lightweight, the vehicle should at least look lightweight. And considering the fact that this kit makes the car look like a puffy cloud in the sky with lines like wisps of water vapor, the builders can check step one off the list. For shoes, the M35 sits on 22-inch Rennen Forged M5-Mesh wheels, which are an ideal diameter for slender style and speed. The rims are practically the same color as the car, and they share the same deep, wide visuals. Together, the body kit and Rennens give the M35 that broad and powerful appearance, similar to a pissed-off pit bull.

The brown leather–wrapped interior isn’t full of heavy subs and amps, continuing the mission of keeping this sedan slight and quick. Instead, there’s carbon fiber around the in-dash controls, on the front doors, on the rear suicides and wherever else it could fit, but it’s mostly leather and suede throughout. Even the Alpine head unit and A/V receiver are encircled with leather and orange stitching. There are a few speakers and tweeters in the front and rear dashboards, doors and A-pillars. Hidden behind the backseats are just a couple subwoofers tucked away—leaving quite a bit of usable space in the trunk.

Seriously, can an Infiniti be any sexier than this? Those hips. That ass. Hot damn. Everything done to this whip earned it the award for No. 1 Custom Sedan at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon, and it’s well deserved. Once the RIDES staff knew about its existence, we sent a crew out to Japan to meet her and document her absolute beauty. This is the result.

Spec The Technique:

Year/Make/Model: Infiniti M35

Performance: Brembo brakes; air suspension

Exterior: Widebody kit; rear suicide doors

Interior: Custom leather, suede and carbon-fiber interior; custom audio enclosure in rear; Recaro Sportster CS seats

Ice: Alpine head unit and A/V receiver; Rockford Fosgate T5652-S 6.5-inch Power T5 component systems, digital capacitors; two subwoofers

Wheels/Tires: 22-inch Rennen Forged M5-Mesh wheels; Pirelli tires, 315/25/22

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